Girdler Elementary: Breakfast Champions

Girdler Elementary food service employees went “for the gold”, and won, in Kentucky’s National School Breakfast Week competition.

Schools across the state competed against one another to see who could be most creative in encouraging students to eat breakfast at school.

Education Commissioner Terry Holliday presented an award plaque to the Girdler staff at a ceremony held in Frankfort on April 19.

“I am very proud of the Girdler staff; they were very creative in stressing the importance of eating breakfast to the students,” said Angela Ledford, district food service director.

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School breakfast week, held March 5-9, encouraged students to “go for the gold” by eating a healthy breakfast at school.

“They kicked the week off on Monday with a military march under the command of First Lieutenant Brandon Davisson,” said Ledford. “Then they had the students to recite a chant about Girdler’s breakfast being as good as gold.”

Other activities held during school breakfast week included dressing up as breakfast food items and reading poems about the importance of a healthy and balanced breakfast.

“It was a very fun week for the students and the number of students eating breakfast at school increased by the end of the week as a result,” said Ledford.

Girdler’s food service employees include Brenda Ward, Melanie Hobbs, Lila Smith, and Glenda Bright. Debbie Vaughn is the cafeteria manager.