Spring MAP testing underway in Knox

Students in the Knox County Public Schools are getting an early start to the spring testing season by completing the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment this week and next.

Spring 2016 MAP testing Windows: 

  • March 28 – April 6 for grades 3 – 10
    MAP Reading, Math, and Language Usage.
  • April 27 – May 5 for grades K – 2
    Grades K and 1 will be taking MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) Reading and Math; Grade 2 will take MAP Reading, Math, and Language Usage.

MAP is our online intervention assessment that is an early indicator of skills and concepts that students may need extra support in order to master.  The MAP test creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth for each individual.

If you have questions about MAP testing at your child’s school, please contact their school directly and ask to speak with the Building Assessment Coordinator or their classroom teacher.