In sixth grade academics, Dewitt Elementary is the showcase

Two students from Dewitt Elementary hold the overall first place winning plaque.

The annual Sixth Grade Showcase was held at Central Elementary on Saturday, December 7. Eight teams representing area sixth grade students took part in the competition.  The Sixth Grade Showcase is an academic event designed to provide a competitive opportunity for sixth graders, who are sometimes “lost” between elementary (4-5) and middle grades (6-8) in Governor’s Cup competition.

Dewitt sixth graders earned the overall showcase award.  Central Elementary students won the Quick Recall competition followed by Girdler Elementary earning the title of runner-up.

Sixth Grade Showcase includes the same competitive events that students experience in Governor’s Cup.  In Quick Recall, a team of four students listens to questions read by a moderator and tries to beat the clock, and the opposing team, with a correct response.  There are also written assessments in mathematics, science, social studies, Language Arts, and arts/humanities.