Second grade at Girdler is popping with art

Girdler students created their own pop art during a lesson.

Do you know Romero Britto?  The second-grade students at Girdler Elementary do; and looking at their artwork, they are on their way to becoming famous artists too.

Britto, as district art instructor Julie Walsh-Hembree explained, is an internationally known pop artist originating from Brazil.

Peggy Mills’ class learned about Britto and the pop art which he became famous for during Hembree’s recent visit to their classroom. Within the short lesson, Mills said her students were fluently discussing topics such as inspiration, expression, hope and happiness which is the theme of Britto’s work.

The class created their own masterpiece of pop art, incorporating their own signature trademark, hiding a diamond or a star within the piece, or even their signature within their artwork. As a bonus, the class listened to lovely classical music during the lesson.

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