Adopting ‘Apple Babies’ from the orchard

Baby apples line the bookshelf waiting to be adopted at Girdler.

Students in Regina Bargo’s writing class at Girdler Elementary are participating in a unique project that combines adulting and Halloween.

Each year Bargo allows her students to become adoptive parents.  For this year, the little ones were picked from the orchard.  Complete with adoption paperwork approved and signed, students became the responsible parents of Apple Babies.

“Some years it is potato babies, some years it is tiny pumpkin babies,” explained Bargo.  This year Bargo decided to bring in baby apples for her students to adopt.

The Apple Babies, just like apples in an orchard, require responsibility and constant care.

“If the students have to have a babysitter, they have to pay them by doing a chore for the sitter,” said Bargo.

The students are not the only ones learning in class.  The Apple Babies are already learning from their parents. In class, the students include the babies in all work activities. On Thursday, they are writing and sharing a story about their Apple Babies. Their homework is to read twenty minutes with the baby and write five complete sentences about what activities they did with their baby.

“Both male and female students absolutely love this project,” shared Bargo.  “It gives them a chance to ‘adult’ for a few days.”

Photos of the Apple Babies show how creative and caring their adoptive parents are.  Some have made medication for their babies, others have built playpens, and one student is already training his baby to drive.

To wrap the Apple Baby adoption week up, the parents go all out with a costume contest as the grand finale’.