Celebrating 1st place and 35 years of Odyssey

Students at Flat Lick Elementary are celebrating a first place win and 35 years of Odyssey of the Mind following the regional competition on February 25, 2017.

The organization is celebrating its 35th year of offering students the opportunity to compete in problem-solving, spontaneous, hands -on atmosphere.  For students in Knox County, that means an opportunity to showcase their creativity and talents to a local and world audience.

Flat Lick Elementary placed first in the region, winning judges approval for Division 1 Problem 3,  “It’s Time, OMER.”  The future and the past collided in this problem about important works of art – both existing and yet-to-be-created. The performance was centered around time travelers looking to discover the inspiration for great works of art, little did they know – it was OMER every time! The travelers go back in time — twice into Odyssey of the Mind’s past and once into the future.

Girdler Elementary earned second place honors with Division 1 Problem 5 “To Be Continued:  A Superhero Cliffhanger“.   The team created and presented a humorous performance about an unexpected superhero that encounters three different situations where it must save creativity in some way. The superhero was required to change appearance when it displays its superpowers and go back to blending in with society when not.

Also earning second place honors was Knox Central’s Division III Problem 5 team, “It’s Time, OMER.”  Knox Central’s Division III Problem 2 team, “Odd-a-Bot”, also earned second.  In the problem, students created a humorous story about a family that brings home an “Odd-a-Bot.” Instead of being programmed to perform tasks, this Odd-a-Bot robot learns from watching others.

Rounding out Knox County’s awards at the regional event was Dewitt Elementary, placing fifth in Division II Problem 5 “To Be Continued:  A Superhero Cliffhanger“.

Teams will be advancing to the State 35th Odyssey of the Mind competition to held this year at the University of the Cumberland’s on March 25th.

Posted on March 10, 2017