Twenty-four members needed for PartnerCorps in Knox

A new partnership between the Knox County Public Schools and Berea College is focused on ensuring that students graduate from high school ready for college and their careers.

PartnerCorps, a vibrant team of  24 AmeriCorps members, will be working at Knox Central High School during the upcoming academic year to serve as mentors, college advisors and family connectors.   Their goals include increasing attendance, decreasing behavioral issues, and increasing academic performance in classes that will lead to an increased number of students being college and/or career ready.

Berea College is now seeking applications for individuals who wish to participate in the program at Knox Central.  

“First and foremost, we are looking for individuals that want to make a difference in the lives of our high school students”, said Dreama Gentry, program executive director at Berea.

“Members must have a college degree – either an associate degree or bachelor’s degree,” said Gentry.  “We are looking for members from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.”

Gentry added that successful members must be passionate about engaging youth and transforming education in southeastern Kentucky.   She added that PartnerCorps is not a job, rather a ten month commitment to transform student lives at Knox Central.

During their ten months of service, PartnerCorps members will receive a living allowance each month ($1,210), basic health insurance, and, if eligible, childcare assistance. At the end of the service period, members will receive an education award of approximately $5,500.  In addition, members can apply to have their student loan payments suspended (put into forbearance) during their service period.   The school district is also looking at community partnerships that will provide additional benefits to members.

Potential members are encouraged to visit the Berea College website at for more information on the application process.  The website also features frequently asked questions about participation in ParterCorps.   All applicants will also need to fill out the official AmeriCorps application online that will become available in August.