Students address human trafficking at KUNA assembly

Lynn Camp students emerged themselves in German culture and represented the needs of the country during the latest assembly of the Kentucky United Nations youth assembly held in Louisville, March 9-11.

The Kentucky United Nations Assembly is a three-day experiential learning conference in which students participate directly in simulated international diplomacy. As Ambassadors, seven students from Lynn Camp emulated the culture by representing diverse interests of the country of Germany, diving deeply into the culture and re-examining the world from that perspective.

Breanna White, Laura Everly, Andi Bennett, Rhea Carter, Evan Smith, Emily Partin, and Pamela Collins decided to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking during their presentation.  Part of their presentation included building an 11-foot high castle that housed a human trafficking simulation.  The students also wrote a UN proposal to end human trafficking at the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games.  The proposal team consisting of Everly, White, Bennett and Carter presented such a strong case for their proposal that they were voted as one of only two proposals out of 90 proposals to present at the General Assembly in front of the entire conference attendance, over 1,000 of Kentucky’s top high school students.

This is the second year that Lynn Camp has attended the assembly.  Last year the group received the honor of Best New Delegation.   This year, students were presented an award for Delegation of Excellence and  Breanna White was awarded an Outstanding Ambassador award.

“Our students have been working for months to prepare this conference and have not only achieved something in their second year many schools have yet to achieve after years of attending KUNA, but they also had the chance to make a statement about a serious world issue they feel passionately about,” said Leah Stoner, one of the advisers for the students.