KCMS seeks “Panther Partners” to support literacy

Teachers and administrators at Knox County Middle School are reaching out to the community to support literacy at their school.

During the month of February, the school is sponsoring a fundraiser to support adding additional literary pieces to each classroom. “Panther Partners” are wanted to support this initiative by donating $25 to the school. Donations will be used to purchase trade books, newspapers, and scholastic magazines. Students and teachers will be able to use these materials for teaching and learning on a daily basis.

“We believe that literacy in all subjects is vital to student success,” said Kelley Mills, literacy coach for the Knox County Public Schools. “The key to engaging students and creating lifelong learners is to immerse students in current, relevant, high interest reading materials daily in all of their classes.”

To show appreciation for donors, the school will publish a list of all donors in the local newspaper and on Knox County Schools’ TV-4. Donors will also receive a sign for their home or business recognizing them as a “Panther Partner.” Receipts for tax donation purposes will be provided.

“When families and communities work together to support schools the result is student success,” said Mills.

Donations may be made in person at Knox County Middle School or forms may be downloaded from the KCPS website.