Juniors to take ACT on March 18th

Winter weather has delayed the administration of the ACT for Knox County’s high school juniors.  Juniors will now take the test on March 18th.

“The testing of juniors is a part of the Unbridled Learning accountability system in Kentucky,” said Frank Shelton, director of public relations and a coordinator for college and career initiatives in the district.

“Because all students take the test as a junior, it gives them a baseline if they haven’t took the test before of what they need to improve during senior year.”

Shelton stated the test students take as a junior is free, being paid for by state funds.  If students take the ACT again they will have to pay the registration fee.

The ACT is a multiple-choice test that covers four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading and science. The test emphasizes reasoning, analysis, problem solving, and the integration of learning from various sources, as well as the application of these proficiencies to the kinds of tasks college students are expected to perform.

Knox County students have several resources available to help them prepare for the ACT assessment.  A listing of those resources is provided below.

“We encourage students to take the ACT several times between junior and senior year, particularly if they are enrolled in study courses or doing online test prep,” stated Shelton.   “Knox Central is an ACT testing site, which makes it convenient for those students and Lynn Camp students to re-take the exam.”

A student’s score on the ACT is used by college and universities to determine whether or not they will be admitted and used to determine the amount of scholarships that will be made available to the student.  The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, or KHEAA, also offers students a bonus award depending on their ACT score.  A score of 15 would give the student a $36 bonus while a score of 28 or greater earns a $500 bonus.

ACT Study Resources