Girdler students help school “go green” with recycling program

Students in Mrs. Crystal Hubbard’s class at Girdler Elementary are hoping that their peers will follow in their efforts to go green by recycling materials.

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Students Shanna Vaughn, Dustin Ray, Shawn Davis, and Tyler McWilliams go around to classrooms each Thursday collecting recyclable items.   The students then sort through their collection to decide what recycling bin each should be placed in.

Hubbard’s class recently sent letters to students at Girdler encouraging them to bring materials in for recycling.  Anyone at the school is allowed to put materials in the recycling bin.

“My students feel a great sense of pride in helping save the earth”, said Hubbard.  “They learn from it and they have fun doing it.”

The class started their recycling initiative at the beginning of the school year and look forward to it continuing to grow.   The class hopes to invite Mayor David Thompson to speak to the school about the importance of recycling.  Items collected are sent to the city’s recycling center.