Gifted Education Week proclaimed in Knox

Student stakeholders and school district administrators signed a joint proclamation declaring “Gifted Education Week” in Knox County on February 18, 2013.

Shown are Emily Davis (Flat Lick), Grace Evans (Lay), Dalton Matlock (Girdler), Sarah Carter (G.R. Hampton), Jenna Davis (Central Elementary), Dylan Bingham (Dewitt), Superintendent Walter T. Hulett, Gifted and Talented Coordinator Jennifer Carey, and Emily Carter (G.R. Hampton). The proclamation ceremony was held at the Knox County Board of Education.

Whereas, the Knox County Public Schools recognize the need to increase public awareness regarding unique educational, social, and emotional needs of talented and gifted students; and

Whereas, it is important that youth with gifts and talents in academics, creativity, leadership, and visual and performing arts be valued, developed, and celebrated; and

Whereas, outstanding talents are present in children and youth from all cultural groups, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor; and

Whereas, we must challenge our next generation of gifted and talented students with rigorous and relevant opportunities for higher learning if our district, state, region, and nation is to achieve a world-class educational system; and

Whereas, a child’s gifts and talents are fostered through the combined efforts of educators, parents, policymakers, business leaders, organizations, and individuals in our community working together to promote awareness of the needs of children and to develop programs and opportunities that respond to those needs;

Now Therefore, I, Walter T. Hulett, Superintendent of the Knox County Public Schools, along with gifted and talented students, do hereby proclaim February 18-22, 2013 as GIFTED EDUCATION WEEK in Knox County, Kentucky, and commend this observance to all citizens.

Signed on this date, Monday, February 18, 2013.