Deadline is near in “Rap, Rhyme, and Song” Writing Contest

The deadline for entries in this year’s Knox County Literacy Council Writing Contest is Friday, March 18.  This year’s theme of “Rap, Rhyme, and Song” is focused on poetry.

There are six age categories in the poetry contest, first and second grade, third and fourth grade, fifth and sixth grade, seventh and eighth grade, ninth through twelfth grade, and adult. Poems will be judged on literary merit. Each poem will be scored analytically using the Kentucky Scoring Guide.

Each poem may be typed or handwritten, with no name or other identification on it. If the poem requires multiple pages, each page must be numbered. Poems may be written in any style or form: rhymed, unrhymed, free verse, traditional, etc. Each entry must be accompanied by an official entry form signed by the student or adult.

An awards ceremony for the winners will be set for the month of April during National Poetry Month. The date, time, and place will be announced. Winning entries will be compiled in an anthology of poetry to be displayed in local school libraries. Winners will also be recognized during an upcoming Knox County Board of Education meeting.

All entries must be submitted to Marion Sowders, Assistant Superintendent of the Knox County Public Schools, by 4pm on March 18, 2011. Entries will not be returned after judging.