CmPS team is finalist in International Competition

Students from Knox Central had a successful finish to their first year competing in the Community Problem Solving competition.

Students traveled to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana to compete against 32 other states and 20 countries in the International Competition held June 6-9, 2013.

The group’s project entitled “Sticks and Stones” addressed the problem of bullying in schools and what could be done in regards to education and prevention.   The team received recognition as a finalist in the competition.

A CmPS project is the highest level of service learning because of the depth of the services provided and the resources involved.   Students go beyond supplying a curriculum related or volunteer service to analyzing the situation, identifying a problem area, generating new ideas, and implementing a difference-making plan of action.  In the process students develop complex problem solving abilities, advanced communication skills, the ability to connect knowledge across disciplines, and the perseverance to overcome obstacles.

The team from Knox Central had previously won the title of grand champions in the competition at Kentucky Governor’s Cup held in March earning them to opportunity to compete at the international event.

Team members included Sadie Harris, Tyler Smith, Paige Cobb, Austin Hodge, and Mollie Pope. Knox Central’s CmPS coach is Lisa Harris.