Dates set for kindergarten registration in April

Kids hands forming a circle with kindergarten registration text and school logo

KCPS is excited to welcome the class of 2035 to our schools this fall as kindergarten students begin their educational journey.

Kids hands forming a circle with kindergarten registration text and school logo

Any child who turns five (5) years old on or before August 1st is eligible for full-day kindergarten in Knox County elementary schools.  All students must be enrolled in kindergarten by the time they are six (6).

Schools have set designated dates and times for the weeks of April 18 and April 29 for families to register their child.

School Registration

Central Elementary
Wednesday through Friday of either week
12:30pm to 2:30pm

Dewitt Elementary
April 18-22, 8am to 3pm each day

Flat Lick Elementary
April 18—April 29, 9am to 1pm each day

Girdler Elementary
April 19-20, 9am to 2pm each day

G.R. Hampton Elementary
April 18, 8am to 3pm
April 21, 5pm to 6pm
or by appointment call 606-546-4169

Jesse D. Lay Elementary
April 19, 5pm to 7pm
April 22, 8am to 12pm
April 29, 12pm to 3pm

Lynn Camp Elementary
April 22, 11am to 1pm

Required Documents

Original legal birth certificate or other valid proof of birth allowed by KRS 158.032.

Kentucky Immunization Certificate showing all age appropriate vaccines including DTap, IPV or OPV, two doses of MMR, three doses of HBV, two doses of V aricella, and two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine.

Preventative health physical in past year.

Eye and dental exam records.

The child’s social security number is requested as this will become valuable as they become older and are eligible for college funding from the state.

Also, any court documents showing custody or other restrictions that may be applicable.