News from the Principal’s Desk

October 2018
Panther Nation,
During the class of 2018 graduation, I asked for all graduates of Knox Central High School to stand and be recognized. Many individuals stood and received a loud cheer. I then said, “Students take a look around you. See your parents, grandparents, see your aunts and uncles see your friends and relatives. See the Doctors and electricians! See the Lawyers and the plumbers! See the teachers and the welders. See the nurses and the accountants. See the local officials and the beauticians. See the pharmacist and the preachers. See the people that make Knox County great! See the people that make our community great! See the people who make our world great!”

These words serve as a reminder to each of us at Knox Central High School just how important the work is that we do. The work of creating the next generation employee, citizen, leader, soldier, or entrepreneur. In addition, we are creating the next generation, father, mother, husband, wife, friend, and neighbor.

It is a privilege and honor to have this opportunity to help shape our future generations and create the future workforce, in some instances the current work force. Initiatives such as LEAD, Junior Work Ethic Seal, Partner Cops, Families and Schools Together (FAST), Youth Career Connect (YCC), and Literacy Innovations for Neighborhoods in Kentucky (LINK) are helping our students. Furthermore, programs, clubs, teams, AP classes, dual credit opportunities, interventions, and classroom opportunities are making an impact on our students too. In this edition of “Education” you will see many of these great things Panther Nation is accomplishing and more. We are extremely proud of our students, faculty and staff at Knox Central High School and the work each of them are doing to create our future workforce and citizens.

If you have not connected with Knox Central High School recently, check us out. Attend a game, reconnect with an old teacher, take a tour of the school, “Like” us on Facebook, or get involved with an old club or organization. There are so many ways to stay connected. Remember together #WeareKC!

Jeff Frost, Principal

Knox Central High School