Knox Central seniors eligible for 2016 Hampton scholarships

Seniors at Knox Central High School are eligible to apply the James B. Hampton and James H. Hampton scholarships.

The Hampton scholarships are administered by the Knox County Board of Education through private trust funds established by each family.  Both James B. Hampton and James H. Hampton were former administrators in the Knox County Public Schools.

Preference for the James B. Hampton Scholarship is given to students from the Artemus area and/or who are relatives of Mr. Hampton.

The James H. Hampton scholarship rotates between Knox Central High School and Lynn Camp High School each year.

The amount of each scholarship is based on interest earned on the account established by the family.  While the amount is usually minimal, the award signifies leadership and carries on the memory of the two lifelong educators.

Applications for both scholarships are due by noon on Friday, May 13, 2016 to the guidance office.

Applications are available below:

James B Hampton Scholarship
James H Hampton Scholarship