District prepares for second year of snow school

When the snow starts falling school will continue for Knox County students.

For the second year, the district has been approved to offer non-traditional instruction (NTI) when schools are forced to close due to weather, illness, or other emergencies.

Dubbed “Operation Snow School”, the plan allows the opportunity for all students to be engaged in meaningful learning through printed and digital assignments.

At the end of the winter weather season, the district will submit documentation to the Kentucky Department of Education about its use of NTI.  The documentation will provide evidence of student participation and learning.  If approved, the district will not have to make up those days.

Teachers used the fourth teacher equivalent work day of the year to begin preparing the first five (5) NTI assignments.  Those assignments will be accessible online beginning with the first day that the district declares Operation Snow School.

How do NTI days work?

Students with Internet access will be able to complete work electronically from home or another location using digital copies of worksheets or educational computer programs that are already familiar to your child.  Some teachers may choose to print and send home the worksheets in advance of snow days to ensure that students have access to the materials on NTI days.

Schools will make accommodations for students who do not have Internet access or forget the printed copy of their assignment at school.  Students have five (5) school days following a NTI day to submit the assignment to their teacher.

Will all school cancellations be NTI days?

No.  Knox County can use up to ten (10) NTI days throughout the year.  The goal of NTI is to keep learning and recent content on the minds of students when snow or other emergencies force the district to cancel school for several consecutive days.

How will students/families know which cancellations are NTI/Operation Snow School?

Our automated telephone messages, website, social media posts, and television notifications will all state that the day will be used for Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI).  If the message does not mention NTI, then the day will not be Operation Snow School.

How will students access assignments?

NTI assignments will be posted on the KCPS website beginning with the first Operation Snow School day.  Teachers may choose to send home printed copies of worksheets and specific website login information in advance of inclement weather.  If students do not have access to the Internet on NTI days or during periods of inclement weather, the assignment may be obtained at their school prior to the due date.

How will assignments be due?

Students have five (5) school days following a NTI day to submit the assignment to their teacher.

Additional information about Operation Snow School is available on our NTI webpage.

Posted on November 25, 2016