Testing starts Monday in Knox

In just a few days students across Knox County and Kentucky will be taking the annual K-PREP assessment.  For our students, the testing window begins Monday, May 9 and continues through May 20, with the week of May 16 being make-up days.

K-PREP for grades 3-8 is a blended model built with norm-referenced test (NRT) and criterion-referenced test (CRT) items which consist of multiple-choice, extended-response and short answer items.

The chart below shows the K-PREP assessment and other assessments that your child might have taken during the school year.  For K-PREP, results will not be available until the fall.  For others, results may be available now if you contact your child’s school.


Just like other tests your child completes in school, it is always beneficial for them to review materials and get a good night’s sleep prior to the testing day.  Below are some test taking success tips that you students and families should practice not just at test time but throughout the school year:

Tips for Test Success
Know when tests are scheduled and keep up with results.
Don’t schedule appointments, trips or other interruptions during testing.
Encourage your child to review beforehand and do his/her best on testing day.
Remind your child of the importance of reading directions carefully and not rushing through a test.
Review results with your child. Praise success and talk about what can be done for areas in need of improvement.
Remind your child about the importance of test scores now and the impact they can have on his or her future.


If you have any questions about the K-PREP assessment, or any other test that your child has taken, contact the Building Assessment Coordinator or Principal at your child’s school.

Good luck students on the 2016 K-PREP!