Burl Kaden Gray

lynn-dec-16Lynn Camp High School is proud to recognize Burl Kaden Gray as our YCC spotlight student for December 2016.

Kaden is a 10th grader in his 2nd year of the YCC program. He is actively involved with the PLTW biomed program. What Kaden currently likes the most about the biomed program is learning about the human body and his passion is genetics.  Kaden is active with the Academic Team, KUNA & KYA.  Kaden also volunteers at Baptist Family Fitness where he plans and implements activities for about 60-70 kids through the ACTS program.  Kaden has also been involved in performing Shaolin-do a form of Kung-Fu for the past 7 years.  As of right now Kaden’s plans upon graduating High School is to attend the University of Michigan or Vanderbilt University and graduate with a medical genetics degree.  Congratulations Kaden Gray!