i-Ready Letter to Parents – Testing begins August 14th

Our school district will soon be implementing a program called i-Ready® Diagnostic & Instruction, an innovative adaptive assessment and engaging personalized instruction program for reading and math. i-Ready will help teachers assess the needs of each and every student in their class while monitoring progress throughout the school year. There are resources available to provide differentiated, individualized online and classroom instruction based on the skills that each student needs.

i-Ready Diagnostic will be given three times during the school year.   The first i-Ready Diagnostic window opens on Monday, August 14 and will be open for three weeks.  Each school will be deciding on the dates/times that they will administer i-Ready at each grade level.   The results of the adaptive assessment provide teachers with an instructional course of action personalized for each student.

An adaptive assessment is:

  • Designed for students to get about 50% correct and 50% incorrect and will find a “just right” placement level for reading and/or mathematics for each student in the quickest, most efficient way possible.
  • Helpful in showing what your child “can do” and what “the next steps for instruction” will be, individualizing instruction for each student.

I would like to enlist your assistance in preparing your child for this assessment. Please encourage your child to:

  • Eat a good breakfast and be rested for the day of the assessment
  • Try their best on each question and try not to rush
  • Try not to worry about questions they do not know—remind them that it is expected they will get about half of the questions correct
  • Take “breaks” and have fun with the short “game breaks” that are integrated into the assessment
  • Have paper and pencil handy for math questions
  • Be respectful of other students who take longer to finish

Immediately following the assessment, i-Ready will place your child into Online Instruction to support his or her progress in mastering essential skills in reading and math as an intervention method. The Online Instruction, if used more than 45 minutes per subject, per week, has been proven to help students grow academically.  These are fun and engaging lessons that will help your child succeed.

If you have any questions about i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school directly. You can also learn more about i-Ready by visiting www.i-ready.com/tour.