Zoom in on Special Education spotlight

Image showing a bunny cutout with carrots as its trap

The Kentucky Department of Education recently shined the spotlight on Knox County’s Special Education program.  The focus was on how technology was used during spring NTI COVID-19 learning days with exceptional children at home.  Below is an excerpt from the mention:


The following project is an example activity.  Project 1:  How to Catch the Easter Bunny

Part I: Families were invited to participate in Zoom meetings.  Ms. Parker read the book, “How to Catch the Easter Bunny” and Ms. Goodin asked students questions targeting their IEP goals and objectives (yes/no questions, turn taking, why questions, details from the story).  The students were then asked to either draw a picture or create their own trap to catch the Easter Bunny.  Parents were instructed to film or send pictures to Ms. Parker.

Part II: The activity the following day includes Ms. Parker demonstrating how to make Bunny Bait to catch the Easter Bunny. Students will then video their versions of Bunny Bait.