Workshop on cyber bullying and personal responsibility

What is your child hiding behind their screen?  Fears?  Hurt?  Anger?

The community is invited to join the Knox County Public Schools for ‘I Am Someone”, a free workshop on personal responsibility in the digital world.  The informational presentation will be conducted on Monday, November 21, 5pm, at Knox Central High School.

The presentation will be lead by Scott Harvey, an expert on the topic that has been teaching and speaking to large and small groups for over 10 years.  Harvey talks frequently about bullying and related issues in the schools, but he also speaks a lot to students, parents, and corporations about responsible social media use.

“Too many kids, adults, and businesses are self destructing today due to irresponsible use of social media and other technologies,” said Harvey.

Do you know the warning signs?  What should you do if your child is hiding, or sharing, emotions behind their computer or cell phone screen?  We hope to see you Monday night at 5pm.  A meal will be provided to those who attend.

I am someone - Workshop flyer

Posted on November 18, 2016