Top Achievers: Flat Lick becomes first Distinguished school, three others earn Proficiency

The number of Knox County schools earning top rankings and classification in the state accountability system continue to increase according to data released Thursday by the Kentucky Department of Education.

Flat Lick Elementary, leading the way with a jump from 45th to 90th percentile ranking in Kentucky, has earned the honor of becoming the school district’s first distinguished school.  That title is assigned to the state’s top performing schools by the Department of Education in their report of student achievement during the previous school year.

Academic achievement at three other Knox schools earned them the distinction of being classified as a proficient school.   Lynn Camp Elementary, GR Hampton Elementary and Jesse D. Lay Elementary each met the cut scores needed to position themselves in the 70-plus percentile in Kentucky.  Lynn Camp Elementary, having the greatest overall increase in score compared to the previous year, is being labeled as a high progress school by the Department of Education.

“The hard work of our students and staff is very evident in this year’s Unbridled Learning results and we are proud of our top achieving schools and all schools as everyone is focused on ensuring that students become college and career ready,” said Kelly Sprinkles, Superintendent.

Flat Lick Elementary – The District’s First Distinguished School

Walk into Flat Lick Elementary School and the contributions of the entire community towards the academic success of it’s students can be seen immediately.  From wall exhibits that paint a visual of the history of our country, to Chromebooks being used in classrooms, principal Steve Partin cites all stakeholders as the reason for the school’s progress.

High Performing School“, “High Progress School” and “Distinguished School” are all titles being used by the Department of Education to explain student progress at Flat Lick during the 2014-2015 academic year.

For Partin, however, his explanation of test scores is commitment.   “Our staff is fully committed, the students are committed, and it is making a difference at Flat Lick.”

“For us it is about relationship building with the students,” he explained.  “Without students having caring teachers and staff members that support and encourages them, we can not achieve academic success.”

“Our instruction is engaged, encouraging, and standards-based and is supported by constant communication with parents and guardians.  Flat Lick parents are welcomed, invited, informed, and involved in everything from the classroom to athletics.”

Communication of the school’s achievement is news that Partin cannot wait to share with students and parents on Thursday morning.

The school’s overall score of 73.0, used to compare and rank school performance, was an increase of 11.6 compared to 61.4 in 2013-2014.  The school moved from 45th percentile to 90th percentile in one year.

The overall score is calculated based on weighted scores of Next-Generation Learners (achievement, gap, and growth at the elementary level) and Program Reviews (a school’s assessment of arts and humanities, practical living and career studies, and writing).

Proficiency and Beyond:  Lynn Camp, G.R. Hampton, and Lay Elementary schools

For the first time since the launch of the Unbridled Learning Assessment and Accountability System, three Knox County elementary schools are sharing the title of proficient school.

Lynn Camp Elementary, G.R. Hampton Elementary, and Jesse D. Lay Elementary are each in the 70-plus percentile ranking, which is the criteria used with the proficient classification.

Lynn Camp Elementary, 79th percentile, had an overall combined score of 69.5 in Next-Generation Learners and Program Review.  This was a 18.9 increase over the 50.6 score in 2013-2014.   The school’s overall score increase, combined with exceeding their annual measurable objective (AMO) of 51.6 and meeting the test participation rate, also earned the school the title of high progress school.

G.R. Hampton Elementary, 73rd percentile, and Jesse D. Lay Elementary, 72nd percentile, joined Lynn Camp in meeting the criteria for proficient classification.  G.R. had an overall score of 68.0 and Lay had an overall score of 67.7.

This is the fourth year that the Department of Education has reported results from Kentucky’s Unbridled Learning Assessment and Accountability System.  Jesse D. Lay Elementary was the district’s first school to reach proficiency under the new accountability system.