Three Knox teachers recipients of Campbellsville University teaching award

Profile photo of three excellence in teaching award winners

Three Knox County teachers received a surprise visit to their classroom to notify them of an extra special award.

Kara Bailey, Bethany Miracle, and Fatemia Fuson were each visited by their principal to announce to the teacher, and the class, that they are recipients of Campbellsville University’s Excellence in Teaching award.

The purpose of this award from Campbellsville University is to recognize quality teaching in Kentucky schools and to strengthen the field of education. It provides statewide recognition to three outstanding individuals for their leadership and dedication to the teaching profession. Implicit in the award is the expectation that the recipients’ examples may inspire all teachers to excel.

In addition to recognition and an awards ceremony on the campus of the university, recipients will receive a personalized certificate.  The three teachers will also be recognized by the Knox County Board of Education at an upcoming meeting or event.

Elementary teacher Kara Bailey, representing Flat Lick Elementary Kara Bailey is a fourth through sixth grade science and reading teacher at Flat Lick Elementary.  She was nominated for her energy and enthusiasm in teaching and her use of a variety of methods of effective instruction.

In her nomination, Flat Lick leadership and teachers stated that “Mrs. Bailey is an energetic teacher that creates an environment where students love to learn!  She uses multiple approaches to instruction that engages students which in return has had a positive impact on student achievement. […] Her students pick up on her excitement which makes them curious to learn.”

Middle School Bethany Miracle Bethany Miracle is a seventh grade mathematics teacher at Knox County Middle School.  Being engaged with students is one of the criteria for winning the award.

“Mrs. Miracle has a special talent for building relationships with students through making personal connections to their lives.  Those personal connections encourage students to not have a fear of failing, and will go the extra mile to succeed in Mrs. Miracle’s class.”  Her nomination continued to mention the classroom setting and instructional strategies used, keeping all students engaged.  “Mrs. Miracle’s ability to make connections and teaching strategies have been key in making Knox County Middle School a top 10% performing middle school in the state.”

High School Fatemia FusonFatemia Fuson teaches dual credit mathematics at Knox Central High School.  Her nomination noted her devotion of time and energy to improving professional competence and the use of a variety of methods of effective instruction.

“Mrs. Fuson has been referred to as a ‘game changer’ in regards to what she has to offer and to the level she works in the areas of both technology and mathematics.  Furthermore, her contributions to committee duties are second to none.  She is very involved in our school and in the decision and informational processes.”