Thanksgiving food drive underway

Students at Lynn Camp Schools are busy collecting donations to make sure their peers have food on the table this holiday season.

The annual Lynn Camp Thanksgiving Food Drive is underway and coordinator Darya Logan is encouraging students, staff, and the community to make it one of the biggest food drives yet.


“Each year the drive has grown in the number of donations collected,” shared Logan, who is the family resource and youth service coordinator for the school.

“I am expecting growth again this year and we are already off to a good start.”

Students in each grade level are challenged to bring in a particular item to be included in the food donations presented to Lynn Camp families.   Although one item is designated for each grade level, any food donation will be accepted.

To help motivate students to bring in donations, and to create a competitive atmosphere with the drive, the elementary classroom that collects the most food will receive a party.  At the middle and high school levels, students are encouraged to compete as a classroom, club or organization.  Students who wish to use the food drive as a community service project will receive a certificate for their participation.

“The most important factor is that together we will help make the holidays better for those in need,” is a reminder that Logan wants to remind students as they work together to collect food.

Below is a list of items that each grade level is encouraged to donate.   For more information about the food drive please call (606)528-5429 or email

Food Drive Recommended Donations – by Grade Level

  • Preschool:  Instant Potatoes
  • Kindergarten:  Instant Oatmeal
  • 1st Grade:  Tuna, Spam, or any Canned Meat
  • 2nd Grade:  Mac and Cheese
  • 3rd Grade:  Green Beans
  • 4th Grade:  Corn
  • 5th Grade:  Soup
  • 6th Grade:  Canned Pasta (example: Chef Boyardee)
  • 7th Grade:  Canned Fruit
  • 8th Grade:  Instant Drink Mix (example:  Kool-Aid, Lemonade)
  • 9th Grade:  Jello
  • 10th Grade:  Chili
  • 11th Grade:  Crackers
  • 12th Grade:  Granola / Cereal Bars