Surplus bus auction to be held Saturday

The Knox County Board of Education will hold a surplus auction on Saturday, October 31, 2015, 12:00 noon, at the Transportation Bus Garage in Boone Heights, KY.   Gates will open at 10am to allow the public to preview school buses that will be sold as-is during the auction.   Bid winners are responsible for taking delivery of their purchase within three business days with no guarantees given or implied.  Certified checks, money orders and cash will be accepted – no personal checks.

School buses identified for auction include:

Clean Titles

Bus #2   1992       1HVBCNTN3NH438602

Bus# 3   1992       1HVBCNTN5NH438603

Bus# 30 1993       4DRGSCLN1PA056840

Bus# 31 1992       1HVBCNTN9NH438605

Bus# 36 1993       4DRGSCLN3PA056841

Bus# 39 1993       4DRGSCLN5PA056842

Bus# 45 1994       4DRGSAAN2RA062396

Bus# 84 1992       1HVBCNPN2NH370769

Bus# 93 1995       1HVBBAAN6SH205758

Bus# 95 1995       1HVBBAAN4SH248178

Bus# 96 1995       1HVBBAAN6SH248179

Salvage/Junk Titles

Bus# 9801            1998               1HVBBAANOWH581748

Bus# 9802            1998               1HVBBAAN2WH581749

Bus# 9804            1998               1HVBBAAN6WH581754

Bus# 9806            1998               1HVBBAANOWH581751

Bus# 9808            1998               1HVBBAAN8WH581755

Buses are subject to having starting bids that will be opened at the time of the auction.  The Knox County Board of Education has the right to reject any bid that does not meet minimum requirements.    For more information please contact Kim Merida, Facilities Director, at (606)546-3157 or