Students give voice to changes during their last meeting of the year

Students are shown discussing issues with Superintendent Sprinkles.

Often referred to as his favorite group to meet with,  Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles conducted the final Student Advisory Council meeting for the school year on Monday, April 30.

The students had a loaded agenda to discuss, including policies relating to student dress and electronic device use.

“These two topics come up annually when we are discussing the handbook for the upcoming year,” explained Sprinkles.  “I wanted to take time to hear directly from the students on what it is like at their school, whether it is a school enforcement issue or not an issue at all.”

The students were more than eager to discuss the topics, citing their own personal experience with the rules and how fashion trends sometimes limit what type of clothing you can actually find to buy.

The feedback from the student council will be passed along to the System Governance committee that will make recommendations to the Board for 2018-2019.

Students who participated in the advisory council during the year include Abram Brock, Samuel Castle, Joseph Cromwell, Kymberleigh Eversole, Isabella Frost, Raley Halcomb, Jobeth Hopper, Joshua Hoskins, Dane Imel, Andrew Jones, Emijah Jones, Amara Lewis, Steven Partin and Sunni Parti.  Applications will be accepted in August for next year’s council.