Student success goes beyond the school walls at Knox Central

Drive by Knox Central after school hours and you will notice bright colors and designs shining from the parking lot.

On Saturday, August 29, seniors were given the opportunity to paint the parking spot of their choice as a reward for being college and/or career ready at the start of their final year of high school.  The artwork is more than a reflection of the student’s interest, as it recognizes and celebrates the student’s achievements throughout their high school career.

“Being college and career ready is a very important principle to Knox Central,” explained Allie Parsons and Andalyn Brock, who were among the 35 students who spent their Saturday busy painting and celebrating one another’s successes.

“Our Assistant Principal, Eddie Clement, worked very hard and did a lot of work to allow the seniors to do this,” explained Parsons.

“The day was very enjoyable and the seniors had a lot of fun being around their friends and personalizing their spots,” said Brock, elaborating and reflecting on the day.

The students also helped make the painting event memorable for their peers. Brian Smith grilled hotdogs and hamburgers for his fellow seniors.

“We are profoundly proud of the effort and tenacity that has been employed by our fine students,” said Clement on behalf of the staff and leadership team at Knox Central.

“Enabling our students to become college and career ready is the mission that we strive for at Knox Central High school. We aim to build Knox through educating and shaping our most important citizens, the workforce of tomorrow.”

We interviewed seniors Candace Grant, Emily Hudson, Abbe Jones, Allie Parsons, and Andalyn Brock about their view on why the seniors were able to do this and their reasoning behind their spots.

We asked Candace, “Why do you think the school allowed the class of 2016 to paint their parking spots?” Grant’s reply was, “To reward those who are college and career ready and appreciate all of their effort.”

Andalyn Brock said, “The opportunity to leave our mark on Knox Central High School means a lot to us seniors. Thanks to Mr. Clement the seniors had a bitter-sweet day.”

We asked Allie Parsons, Emily Hudson and Abbe Jones about the meaning of their parking spots.

Parsons said, “Being that my brother is gone to the naval academy, I really wanted to incorporate him into my painting somehow. As a navy family our whole lives have become wrapped around the Navy so I included the #GoNavy to bring the family into it.”

Hudson said, “My parking spot means that I have achieved my goals.”

Jones said, “FFA has become a big part of my life and because of that I decided to paint a farm animal on mine.


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