Stakeholders meet to discuss plan for improvement

The future of teaching and learning in the Knox County Public Schools was the topic of discussion during a meeting held on December 9.

Students, parents, educators, and community members gathered to share their ideas for the district’s comprehensive improvement plan.

Referred to as CDIP, the plan is developed annually by school districts across the state following release of Unbridled Learning accountability data.  The plan is developed around five goals set by the Kentucky Board of Education:

  • reducing the achievement gap among students,
  • increasing the number of students proficient on state assessments,
  • increasing the number of freshmen that go on to graduate high school to 98% by 2024,
  • increasing the number of students graduating college/career ready, and
  • reduce the number of novice, low performing, students by 50% by 2020.

Activities suggested by the group included:

  • opportunities for intervention and alternative learning for struggling students,
  • content specific study sessions for high school assessments,
  • continued home visits and family support,
  • specific professional development and growth opportunities for educators, and
  • continued focus on student attendance.

The Knox County Board of Education will review the plan during it’s meeting on January 12, 2017.  Once approved, the plan will be accessible from the school district website  with updates presented to the Board throughout the year.

Posted on December 16, 2016