“Sound Play” at EKU Corbin

Knox Central and Lynn Camp high school students learned more about the sound of instrumental music during a seminar held by the Southeastern Kentucky Fire Arts Academy for Visual and Performing Arts.

The event took place on Eastern Kentucky University’s Corbin campus on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.  Students from Knox County joined peers from Corbin, Whitley, and Williamsburg to learn and explore what sometimes is a hidden talent.

“Our students had the opportunity to learn the elements of music while having their own musical abilities critiqued by college experts,” said Jennifer Carey, gifted and talented coordinator for the district.

Dr. Christine Carucci and Dr. Andrew Putnam, professors of music education for EKU, were the instructors for the seminar.  They led students through the basics of instrumental music and what their next steps should be to pursue it after high school.  Scholarship opportunities and information on music careers was shared with the students.

Representing Knox County were Autumn Eversole, Tara Newsome, Jonathan Rigney, Trevor Wagner, William Wilson, and Taylor Wood.

The arts academy is a joint venture between EKU and the gifted and talented programs in area schools.  The goal of the academy is to identify students who demonstrate exceptional potential in Visual and Performing arts and to provide enrichment opportunities in the field through special seminars.

The project is funded through an EKU Center for Appalachian and Regional Engagement and Stewardship Presidential CARES Community Challenge Grant.