Shoes fill the pews and our schools

There were extra shoes filling church pews on Sunday, August 7, as area churches joined together for the second annual “Shoes in the Pews” donation drive.

The Knox County Family Resource and Youth Service Center (FRYSC) coordinators and assistants put out the annual call for donations, asking the community to donate new gym shoes that would be divided among schools in the district.

Shoes in the Pews were collected and divided among FRYSC centers in Knox County

“We had a total of 324 pairs of shoes donated this year and $347 in donations,” said Donna Woolum, FRYSC coordinator at G.R. Hampton Elementary.  Woolum shared that the shoes were divided among the FRYSC centers, with each receiving the sizes most needed for their age levels served.

The final counts from across the county were 123 pairs donated by Faith Tabernacle, 6 pairs and $347 in donations from Turkey Creek Baptist, 76 pairs from Locust Grove Baptist, 74 pairs from Beacon Baptist, and 25 pairs from Salem Baptist.

With school just two weeks into the new year, the donations are already benefiting Knox County students.  Several FRYSC coordinators shared that the donations go towards students who can not afford a new pair, as well as students who may damage their shoes during the school day.

“We (FRYSC coordinators) are filled with gratitude to the local churches who have donated via Shoes in the Pews,” said Rita Wood, FRYSC coordinator at Girdler Elementary.  “Not only does it fulfill a basic need for them by putting much needed shoes on their feet, it shows them they are loved and cared about by the community.”

Anyone who wishes to make a donation of shoes, clothes, or basic needs may contact the FRYSC coordinator at the school in their community.



Jimmy Walters, Central Elem., 546-7811

Derrick Mills, Dewitt/Flat Lick, 542-4228, 542-5147

Rita Wood, Girdler, 546-9472

Donna Woolum, GR Hampton and Lay, 546-4210

Russell Jones, KCMS, 545-0261

Tina Sizemore or Cody Miller, Knox Central, 546-7879

Darya Logan, Lynn Camp, 528-8021