School Safety Week is set for September 17-21

Superintendent Sprinkles signing the proclamation

Knox County’s first responders and government officials joined the Knox County Public Schools in proclaiming that September 17-21 as “Safe Schools Week” in the county.

Proclamation signing for school safety week

“One of the most profound duties of the Knox County Board of Education is ensuring the safety and security of its students and staff members,” said Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles.

Sprinkles shared with participants the number of safety upgrades that the school district has implemented since last year’s safety week.

See a problem, report a problem  is the motto that we want our students to know and operate by, whether they are at school or a place in the community,” stated Sprinkles.

Last school year KCPS introduced the STOP Tipline service that allows students, staff, families, and community members to report suspicious or potentially disruptive behavior to the school district. The school district also installed metal detectors at all school buildings and have access to handheld wand units.  Video buzzer systems are on all entrance doors to limit who has access to our buildings.  “These are just a few of the ways we have increased security measures,” continued Sprinkles.

“We encourage all families to join us in ensuring that their homes and our community is a safe, secure, and peaceful setting for students to learn and grow,” said Sprinkles.

School safety plans being updated during the wok session

The proclamation signing, which was held on Thursday, September 13,  followed a morning work session by school safety teams on updating emergency plans for the school year. Each school is charged with the responsibility of conducting monthly and quarterly drills that replicate a variety of natural and man-made disasters.

Superintendent Sprinkles signing the proclamation