Safety Week proclaimed in Knox Schools

Local first responders and educators are taking steps to ensure that our school facilities are a safe learning environment for students and staff.

During the week of September 26-30, the Knox County Public Schools will observe School Safety Week, an annual event focused on practicing drill activities and creating an awareness of the importance of safety procedures both at school and at a home.

To prepare for the week, members of school level emergency management teams were joined by law enforcement officers and other emergency personnel to review plans that each school has in place and to issue a proclamation for the school district and community.

Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles shared with those present that one of the most profound duties of the Board is to ensure the safety and security of its students and staff.

The culminating activity of the work of the school emergency teams is to practice the various procedures that are part of their plans.   Drills that will be practiced include readiness for emergencies such as fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, bomb threats, and potential intruders in the building.

“School safety is an on-going and never ending process in the Knox County Schools,” said Kim Merida, facilities coordinator the district.

Merida oversees safety efforts in the school district and explained that the drills practiced in September are part of the district’s year-long effort of reviewing and practicing procedures.

“This is a process that begins in the fall and continues to be revised and revisited throughout the school year,” said Merida.

Knox County Schools’ school safety week is a part of the nationwide observance of  preparedness month that coincides with the national campaign.  For more  information about preparing for emergencies at home and fun learning activities for kids, visit