Picnic, a Play, and an adventure with a new friend named Jesse

Kindergarten students at Lynn Camp Elementary recently enjoyed a picnic, a play, and joined a new friend named Jesse for an adventure.

The students traveled to Bell Theatre in Pineville on April 1 to see the play “My Imaginary Pirate”, produced by Barter Theatre.

The play centered around a main character named Jesse which the students quickly found themselves going on an adventure with.  Jesse moved to a new town and but found himself having trouble making friends at school. But Jesse isn’t lonely; he’s too busy going on adventures with his imaginary pirate, the Terrible One-Eyed Jack.

The Lynn Camp students joined Jesse and One-Eyed Jack in the quest to find buried treasure, but run into all sorts of trouble as the Outlaw Pirate, Red Legs Ricky, tried to steal their treasure map.  Meanwhile, Jesse’s mom is trying to come to grips with an imaginary pirate living in her house and Jesse’s teacher Mrs. Pierce is trying to teach her class their multiplication tables!

By the end of the play, with a little help from his dad and One-Eyed Jack, Jesse (and the kindergarten students) come to realize that friendship is the greatest treasure of them all.

Following their adventure the students enjoyed a picnic lunch with their teachers at the city park.

“My Imaginary Pirate” was written by Catherine Bush.  Bush was born in Battle Creek, MI on July 25, 1962. She moved with her family to Kentucky when she was 13. She attended Eastern Kentucky University, where she received her degree in Industrial Technology. While designing vacuum cleaners for Whirlpool in Danville, KY, she discovered an ad for her community theatre and the rest, as they say, is history. She moved to New York City to pursue acting, which eventually led to a career in playwriting. She has been Barter Theatre’s playwright-in-residence since 2007.