New STOP Tipline to help prevent disruptive behavior

The safety and well being of our students and staff is a priority of the Knox County Public Schools. Our goal is for all students to achieve high academic standards within a safe learning environment. Because of recent events across the nation, we are launching a new STOP Tipline service that allows students, staff, families, and community members to report suspicious or potentially disruptive behavior to the school district.

Our hope is that students who fear face-to-face reporting of bullying or other safety issues may be less reluctant to share this vital information when offered an online option. By giving students the ability to report concerns over their tablets, computers or mobile phones, we can reach more students and address problems before they escalate.

To access the STOP Tipline you may visit the KCPS website at or the STOP website at It is also accessible using the KCPS app for iOS/iPhone or Android. Search for “Knox County Public Schools” in your device’s app store. If you would prefer to text or call in your information using a mobile phone, the mobile number is 859-545-1720.

This tip line is just another powerful tool in our arsenal against bullying, harassment and other unsafe behaviors in our schools. Our Comprehensive Safe School Plan is ever evolving to keep our students and staff safe and we are using every resource available to do so.

It is our goal that families educate their children to report messages and suspicious behavior instead of re-posting or sharing it on social media sites. If students first report anything that they hear or see, the original source of the message can quickly be traced by local law enforcement. Even if you don’t create the picture or video meant to create or escalate fear in others, passing it on or just having it on your account is a felony and you will be held accountable by us and prosecuted.

The STOP Tipline is not for immediate response. If you fear that someone is in immediate danger, please dial 911. The 911 dispatchers will contact law enforcement and the school district.

If you have any questions about the STOP Tipline please contact our Office of Communications and Governance at 606-546-3157, ext 2446 or email