New math program adopted for grades K-6

Knox County leaders are adding a new math program to yield increases in student achievement.

The district has purchased enVisionmath 2 from Pearson Education for kindergarten through sixth grade.  The decision was made following several meetings with stakeholders and school leaders where the need for a common math program was discussed.

“We have a very large transient population among our elementary schools and students were experiencing different math programs with different pacing and sequences as they moved among our schools,” explained Kelly Sprinkles, superintendent.

“It has been a re-occurring topic in advisory groups, improvement meetings, school councils, and among teachers,” said Sprinkles.  “We needed a common curriculum that was tied to standards to help us eliminate gaps that our students  experience.”

enVisionmath 2 is more than a set of math problems printed in a textbook, it combines problem solving skills with individualized learning for all students.  Pearson promotes the curriculum as including project-based learning, visual learning strategies, and extensive customization options that empower every teacher and student.

“When students connect ideas, they deepen their understanding,” states Pearson online.  “Students learn to see relationships, ask questions, and try different approaches. Problem-based learning drives students to engage in productive struggle.”

The purchase of enVisionmath 2 includes hands-on materials, printed, and digital resources for students.  Teachers will be receiving access to learning modules that help them implement the program.  The entire package is part of a six year license agreement between the district and Pearson.

“This is one more tool that our math teachers have to assist them in teaching and assessing the standards,” explained Sprinkles.  “We plan on providing them with support from the district and creating a collaborative network where they can learn and grow together as we implement the program.”

Use of enVisionmath 2 is set to begin when school starts in August.  Teachers will be using work days during the first week of August to make changes to the math curricular units adopted by the district.

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