Knox plans for ‘Operation Snow School’ in second semester

Preparations for ‘Operation Snow School’ are set to begin when school resumes on January 4 in Knox County.

Knox was one of 44 county and independent districts across the state approved to participate in the non-traditional learning program this academic year by the Kentucky Department of Education.

The non-traditional approval grants waivers that allow the districts’ use of virtual or other non-traditional means of instruction when school is cancelled because of weather or another emergency.   For Knox County, that means the district may count up to 10 non-traditional instruction days as regular attendance days in its school calendar and not have to make them up.

Below are a few quick facts to know about the roll-out and communication of ‘Operation Snow School’ for 2016:

  • Teachers will receive guidance from the district on January 4 about the requirements from Kentucky Department of Education that are part of each non-traditional day.
  • Teachers will develop the first activity or lesson to be used on a non-traditional day by Monday, January 11.   Teachers will distribute information to students the week of January 11.  The activity or lesson may be a review of past knowledge/skills, supplemental material that was not thoroughly covered in a past unit of study, supplemental test prep and review, or an introduction or ‘hook’ about an upcoming unit of study planned for the spring semester.
  • Each core class that a student has will have a lesson equal to 45 minutes of instruction.  Each elective, enrichment or intervention class will have a lesson equal to 30 minutes of instruction.
  • In the event of a school cancellation in which the district declares a non-traditional day, known as a ‘Operation Snow School’ day, students will complete the assignment that was given to them by teachers.   The district will utilize the automated calling system, district website and district social media, and television/radio to communicate that the day will be a non-traditional day.
  • Students will have up to five (5) school days to complete the lesson and submit it for grading.   The five (5) days will allow students to receive tutoring or ask questions if they have trouble completing the assignment.
  • ‘Operation Snow School’ will not be used in consecutive days (example: both Monday and Tuesday of the same week).

An information packet will be sent home by students the week of January 4 with additional information about ‘Operation Snow School’.  Parents/guardians should also watch for communication the week of January 11 about what the first assignment is that students should complete on a non-traditional day.