Knox Board to meet on Monday, February 22, 2021

Knox County Board of Education
The Knox County Board of Education will conduct their next regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday, February 22, 6:30 p.m., at the Board of Education Annex Building (199 Daniel Boone Drive, Barbourville).

This meeting will be limited to a maximum of ten (10) people, including school board members and staff, pursuant to the Coronavirus Guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control; the 03/12/2020 Meeting Protocols for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) issued by the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet, KRS 61.810(1)(k), KRS 61.826, OAG 20-05 and SB 150.  Also, this meeting will be live-streamed and available for viewing online (see below).

A copy of the tentative agenda follows at the end of this post.  A copy is available for download in PDF format.


Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance

A. Communications

B. Reports to the Board

i. Architect Construction Updates
ii. Superintendent’s Learning@School and Learning@Home Update

I. Adopt Agenda

II. Actions by Consent
A. Acknowledgment of Financial Statements and Financial Reports, Bills and Claims, Previous Board Meeting Minutes, Superintendent’s Personnel Report, Maintenance Report, Field Trip Report, Fundraisers, and Request to Use District Property.

III. District Facilities and Operations
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on Revised BG-1 for the replacement of the Flat Lick Elementary Waste Water Treatment Plant

IV. Governance and Leadership
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on Tentative SBDM Allocations/Instructional Materials Allocation for 2021-2022

V. Teaching and Learning
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on One Special Need Student’s Shortened School Week/Day Waiver
B. Discuss and/or Take Action on Hearing Impaired Service Contracts with Whitley, Bell and Corbin School Districts based on KDE guidance

VI. Resources and Support Systems
A. Discuss and/or Take Action to bid for Network Service’s District Wide 2021-2022

VII. Other Action Items with Discussion
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on Bid or Negotiate for Auditing Services 2020-2021
B. Discuss and/or Take Action on Bid and/or Negotiate for Banking Services 2021-2022

VIII. Adjournment