Knox Academic League celebrates successful 2021 season

Knox County Academic League overall winners

The Knox County Academic League celebrated its 2021 season on Friday, February 18, with awards presented to individual team MVPs, overall league MVPs, and overall top teams.  The league consists of elementary students from Knox County and Barbourville Independent schools in rookie, junior varsity, and varsity divisions.

Individual Team Most Valuable Players

Hunter Smith, Barbourville; Kaiden Stamper, Central Elementary; Evan Hammons, Flat Lick; Tatum Cox, Girdler; Charis Frederick, G.R. Hampton; Abram Smith, Lay; and Aiden Johnson, Lynn Camp in the league’s rookie division.

Noah Gross, Barbourville; Tehya Hubbard, Central Elementary; Hailee Holbrook, Flat Lick; Gabby Pilarski, Girdler; Kaden Smith, G.R. Hampton; Ben Hembree, Lay; and Jamison Jones, Lynn Camp in the junior varsity division.

Kelsey Swafford, Barbourville; Jake Ketcham, Central Elementary; Lincoln Baker, Flat Lick; Gavin Jordan, Girdler; Isaac Campbell, G.R. Hampton; Emily Jordan, Lay; and Ryot Kershner, Lynn Camp in the varsity division.

Overall League Most Valuable Players

Evan Hammons, Flat Lick, 1st Place Rookies
Charis Frederick, G.R. Hampton, 2nd Place Rookies
Abram Smith, Lay, 3rd Place Rookies

Jamison Jones, Lynn Camp, 1st Place Junior Varsity
Ben Hembree, Lay, 2nd Place Junior Varsity
Noah Gross, Barbourville, 3rd Place Junior Varsity

Isaac Campbell, G.R. Hampton, 1st Place Varsity
Jake Ketcham, Central Elementary, 2nd Place Varsity
Ryot Kershner, Lynn Camp, 3rd Place Varsity

Overall League Team Winners

G.R. Hampton Rookies, 1st Place
Central Elementary Rookies, 2nd Place tie
Flat Lick Elementary, Rookies, 2nd Place tie
Lay Elementary, Rookies, 2nd Place tie

Barbourville Junior Varsity, 1st Place
Lay Junior Varsity, 2nd Place
G.R. Hampton Junior Varsity, 3rd Place tie
Lynn Camp Junior Varsity, 3rd Place tie

Central Elementary Varsity, 1st Place
G.R. Hampton Varsity, 2nd Place tie
Lynn Camp Varsity, 2nd Place tie