How do you define a leader?

What are the characteristics of a leader?

That is the question that Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles recently posed to members of his student advisory council for discussion.  The question was prompted as part of the district’s on-going process of evaluating and refining it’s mission and vision of Inspiring Leaders and Changing Futures, One Child at a Time.

“For the past two years we have shared the vision of preparing students to be leaders; now is time for us to pause to see how well that mission is being received, understood, and achieved,” said Sprinkles.

Student members shared with Sprinkles a long list of different characteristics or attributes demonstrated by a leader.  Student responses included someone with passion, not afraid to step up and step out, offers encouragement, believes in others, listener, has a vision, and someone who takes charge when no one else will.

Superintendent Sprinkles would like to hear from you.   How do you define a leader?

Use the form below to submit your response to the Superintendent, his student advisory council, and our strategic planning team.