Highlights from the November 15th Board Meeting

The Knox County Board of Education conducted their November meeting on Tuesday night, November 15, at the Board of Education Annex building in Barbourville.  During the meeting several student and school groups were recognized including:

  • Girdler Elementary Kindergarten – Led the Pledge of Allegiance for the Board
  • Flat Lick Elementary A-Team Girls’ Basketball Team – elementary tournament champions
  • Lay Elementary A-Team Girls’ Basketball Team – overall conference champions
  • Lay Elementary B-Team Girls’ Basketball Team – tournament and conference champions
  • Knox Central Boys’ Cross Country Team – state qualifiers
  • Lynn Camp Boys’ Cross Country Team – Bruce Hopkins – state qualifier, 6th place regional 5,000 meter run
  • District and Regional High Attendance Day School Winners –  Flat Lick Elementary, Lynn Camp Middle, and Lynn Camp High.  Flat Lick and Lynn Camp High were regional high attendance schools.

Among the agenda items approved at the meeting were:

  • Bonding issues including 2007 Bond Escrow Fund Transfer Agreement with Monticello Banking Company and Franklin Bank and Trust Company and possible refinancing of 2008 bonds
  • Invoices for Summit Engineering for reroof project
  • Emergency certification for a Headschool / Preschool teacher
  • Cleanup of travel expense policies to reflect a change in the per diem rates for standard locations
  • Registering with the TCPN and U.S. Communities Government Purchasing cooperatives to make the Board eligible for special services and pricing through participating vendor

The minutes of the Board meeting will not become official until presented for approval at the December meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, 6:30pm, at the Annex.