Help us develop the Portrait of a Graduate

Outline of a portrait of a graduate with each Knox County school listed in the outline.

Each school in Knox County is unique, but they are connected by a shared aspiration: that all students have an educational experience preparing them to be effective lifelong learners and contributors.  With our mission statement as the backdrop, Inspiring Leaders and Changing Futures, One Child a Time…, what does the portrait of a Knox County graduate look like?  What skills and habits of mind do they have?  What are the hopes, aspirations, and dreams that our community has for our future leaders?

We invite you to visit our Portrait of a Graduate page and read more and hopefully become involved as we define what a Knox County graduate should know, and what a Knox County diploma represents.  If you are interested in attending our upcoming meeting in April, please be sure to provide your name and email address.

Questions, ideas, and feedback may be sent to Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles,, or designee Frank Shelton,