Head Start and Preschool screenings scheduled

Parents of three and four year old students who are eligible for preschool or Head Start services for the 2016-2017 school year are invited to attend one of two screenings scheduled in May.

KCEOC and the Knox County Public Schools will conduct joint screenings on Monday, May 23, inside the Student Center at Union College and on Tuesday, May 24, at Lynn Camp Elementary.  The screenings will be conducted from 8:30 am to 2 pm each day.  Regardless of which Head Start or preschool your child would enrolled in, you may attend either screening at Union College or Lynn Camp.

The qualifications for Head Start and preschool are:

·      Children who are 3 or 4, including children with special needs, by August 1, 2016 are eligible for Head Start.

·      Children who are 4 by August 1, 2016 or are 3 with a disability are eligible for Knox County Preschools

Please bring the following information to the screening to complete your application:

·     Birth Certificate

·     Proof of Income (Check Stub, W-2, or Tax Returns)

·     Physical Exam (if available)

·     Immunization Certificate (if available)

·     Eye Exam (if available)

·     Social Security Card (Optional)

We encourage all children to apply for KCEOC Head Start/ Knox County Preschool, including children that are homeless and children with disabilities.

What is a preschool screening?

Preschool screening is a free service offered by the Knox County Public Schools in collaboration with the KCEOC Head Start Program and is one way of finding and seeking help for preschool children with special needs.


KCEOC Classroom Transportation services are provided when possible. Knox County Preschool provides transportation services to students residing in the Knox County School District.

For more information

Head Start 546-3152 or 1-800-880-3152
Preschool 546-3157 or 1-866-856-0851