Haneline selected as head principal of Lynn Camp Elementary

Emily Haneline poses outside of Lynn Camp Elementary

​She has become a familiar face at Lynn Camp Schools during the past year, and now she has been selected to lead the elementary school as head principal.

Emily Haneline poses outside of Lynn Camp ElementaryEmily Haneline, a Knox County native and graduate, joined Lynn Camp Schools as assistant principal last summer. In the assistant role, she has worked directly with teachers and support staff to identify the strengths of the school and begin working towards higher yield instructional strategies in the classroom. When the Knox County Board of Education announced the split of Lynn Camp Schools K-12 into two schools, Lynn Camp Elementary preschool through 5th grade and Lynn Camp Middle High School grades 6th through 12th, the opportunity to become head principal of the elementary was posted.

“Being the assistant principal here the past year has helped me become deeply invested in the success of our school, because with each data point we analyze there is now a student’s face attached,” shared Haneline. “Their success is our success. Moving forward with student interest at the heart of everything we do, we are truly setting ourselves up to be a top performing school.”

It is that investment in Lynn Camp Elementary that led Haneline to apply for the top position and ultimately be selected to lead the school. As Superintendent Jeremy Ledford explained, it is the clear vision for student success that led to her hire.

“It was unanimous among the screening committee that Mrs. Haneline has a plan for Lynn Camp, that she has a clear vision, and isn’t afraid to make changes needed to ensure student success.”

“My vision for Lynn Camp Elementary is to build a welcoming environment where all students can thrive and grow,” shared Haneline. “I will strive to be a tireless advocate for our students, I want to always be someone they have in their corner.”

In an email sent to staff on Friday morning, Ledford stated that he believes in Haneline and that he believes in them. He encouraged everyone to work together to transform Lynn Camp Elementary where every student will succeed. It’s those goals and expectations that Haneline looks forward to developing with staff prior to the start of school in August.

“I’m excited to put new systems in place that will make our goals more attainable for both students and staff,” she said.

While the official school split will not take place until July 1, work has already started to separate the two schools to allow each to develop their own identity, set their own goals, and identify professional learning opportunities that will benefit primary teachers.