Hampton’s Bauer named ambassador for GoTeachKY

Corey Bauer shown in her classroom at G.R. Hampton Elementary

Corey Bauer is shown inside her classroom at GR Hampton Elementary.Corey Bauer, a sixth grade teacher at G.R. Hampton Elementary School, knows the importance of having highly trained and prepared teachers in the classroom ready to tackle children’s curiosity and sense of wonder.  But for many schools, finding that teacher is becoming difficult due to shortages throughout the state and nation.

Bauer will join 32 other teachers from across the Commonwealth to be ambassadors for GoTeachKY, an initiative of the Kentucky Department of Education, to ensure that all students across the state have equitable access to effective educators. GoTeachKY seeks to recruit the next generation of teachers in Kentucky, helping remedy the critical teacher shortage.

“I hope this can encourage students and teachers within Knox County to be advocates for education and for this career,” said Bauer.

“GoTeach KY wants to get people into teaching who will be passionate about their career and want to change the stigmas. I want to be a part of changing the image about teaching and education.”

Each ambassador has a unique story that brought them into the teaching profession. Bauer’s story among others will be featured on social media as examples of the different pathways available to future educators.

Bauer has three goals as an ambassador: communicate with and inspire students in high school and college to consider teaching as a career; communicate with potential and current teachers to positively capture the rewards and opportunities associated with a career in teaching, and support and promote the central focus areas, programs and organizations of GoTeachKY, such as Educators Rising and the Teaching and Learning career pathway.

“This is a program that plans to help inspire others and show them the great things about teaching,” shared Bauer. “I hope this inspires students and shows them the amazing things that teachers do every day.”

Be on the lookout for Bauer’s story and the story of the other GoTeachKY ambassadors in the coming weeks and months.  Asked about what she wants her contributions and work to be known for once her time with GoTeachKY ends, Bauer stated, “I hope to inspire students to become educators and change others’ lives.”

Read more about GoTeachKY and its ambassador program at https://goteachky.com/ambassadorprogram.