Five Knox schools are ‘Energy Stars’

Energy Star award winnersFive Knox County schools are shining bright because of their efforts to go green and go dark.

Harshaw Trane, a Kentucky-based energy services company, was in attendance at the July 2016 Knox County Board of Education meeting to present “Energy Star” awards to five Knox County schools.

Dewitt Elementary, Flat Lick Elementary, Jesse D. Lay Elementary, G.R. Hampton Elementary, and Lynn Camp Elementary earned the nationally known “Energy Star” seal as a result of energy savings projects completed in 2014 and their on-going efforts to educate students, and staff, to be green minded by turning off lights and electronics when not in use.  The result of the school district’s variety of energy and maintenance saving efforts are providing both energy savings and a more comfortable and safe environment for students and staff.

“We are very pleased that our school district is becoming more energy efficient, we now have five schools that earned energy star certification,” said Kim Merida, facilities coordinator.

This is the second consecutive year that four of the five schools have earned, and maintained, their energy star certification.  Lynn Camp Elementary joined the other elementary schools for the first time as a result of on-going projects, and energy education efforts, at their school.

“Our partnership with Harshaw Trane has helped reduce our electric, gas, and water usage throughout the school system.  Every dollar that we save on utility costs can be used for student instruction,” said Merida.

To earn the “Energy Star” awards, the school district worked with Harshaw Trane to update facilities through lighting retrofits and upgrades, HVAC replacement and repair, window replacements, building controls repair, retrofits and installation in various buildings.  The district has also leveraged Harshaw Trane’s Intelligent Services program to provide additional savings opportunities to ensure that the building automation systems remain optimized to sustain and further grow the savings opportunities.

Kyle Johnson, education sustainability leader for Harshaw Trane, said “Knox County Public Schools is a leader in the state for its commitment to energy efficiency, while providing an optimum environment for its staff and students.”