District seeks feedback in developing comprehensive plan

Knox County Board of Education

It is time once again for the Knox County Public Schools to develop a comprehensive improvement plan for the year ahead.  School and district improvement efforts focus on student needs through a collaborative process involving all stakeholders to establish and address priority needs, district funding, and closing achievement gaps between identified subgroups of students.

This week a committee of stakeholders will meet to review school level plans, discuss achievements of last year’s plan, and identify priorities for the year ahead.

The plan will consist of goals and objectives that reflect measurable student achievement, and student achievement is determined by the processes, practices and conditions found within a school. We believe that all practices, processes and conditions are attributable to one or more of the Key Core Work Processes below:
KCWP 1: Design and Deploy Standards
KCWP 2: Design and Deliver Instruction
KCWP 3: Design and Deliver Assessment Literacy
KCWP 4: Review, Analyze and Apply Data
KCWP 5: Design, Align and Deliver Support
KCWP 6: Establishing Learning Culture and Environment

We welcome your feedback and suggestions in preparation for our stakeholder meeting.

Take a moment to review our past improvement plan:

and provide ideas and suggestions to help us develop our next plan for success: