District releases information on Supplemental School Year Program

infographic for supplemental year

Being dubbed “the do-over” bill, Senate Bill 128 was signed into law and allows any K-12 student enrolled during the 2020-2021 school year to request to use the 2021-2022 school year as a supplemental year to retake or supplement courses the student already has taken.

The Knox County Board of Education is currently accepting applications from students and their families who are interested in the supplemental year beginning in August.  Now through the end of the school day on April 30, the student may return an application requesting the supplemental year to their school or the district’s Central Office.  Submitting an application is not an automatic approval, the Board of Education has until June 1 to decide whether to accept all the submitted applications or none at all.

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is providing districts, like Knox, information and guidance regarding the bill and the requirements of offering the supplemental year.  If the Board decides to approve applications and allow for a supplemental year, the district must submit an implementation plan to KDE.

“Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic affect education in ways we have never seen before, but it also altered the education landscape going forward,” said Education Commissioner Jason E. Glass.

“This bill is an example of that. We want to ensure our districts have all the necessary resources to provide students, families and school officials with relevant information as they make these significant decisions.”

The district has launched a page on its website that includes the application for the supplemental year as well as details and requirements.  Additional information for students and families about athletic eligibility, services such as special education and gifted and talented, and enrichment or alternative education opportunities will be added to the page as further guidance is received.

To learn more and download the application file, visit the KCPS website and click on Supplemental Year.