DanceBlue to be held Friday

The second annual DanceBlue fundraiser is set to take place this Friday, February 3.

Last year Knox County embarked on a journey to participate in the University of Kentucky’s DanceBlue Marathon by hosting a local one.  Funds from the dance marathon go to benefit the Golden Matrix Fund which directly benefits UK Children’s Hospital Oncology Clinic.

Students, teachers, administrators, parents, and businesses all came to together to produce one great event. We were all amazed at the success of KC DanceBlue. Over 200 students were able to put aside commitments, work, and personal time in order to raise awareness and funds to benefit a cause near to the hearts of many across the country.

Regardless of whether you can dance, the culmination of fundraising and the night is being able to stand together for 6 hours in support of children across Kentucky who are fighting tough battles with cancer.

As we approach DanceBlue 2017 to be held Friday, February 3rd at Knox County Middle School from 5 to 11pm, the DanceBlue committee is inviting everyone to get involved.

“I think it is important to keep the spirit of these children at the heart of our efforts,” members of the committee recently wrote in an e-mail to teachers.

“Every day they wake up to face an incredible battle, and throughout it all, they maintain an optimism that is unmatched.  Their happiness and courage is the spirit that drives DanceBlue.  They continue to prove there is hope, and inspire our students to stand in support of the belief that one-day cancer will be defeated.”

For more information you can visit the KC DanceBlue Facebook or Twitter page @KCDanceBlue.

A registration form for the event can be downloaded online Registration forms, payments, and donations may be dropped off in advance to Charlotte Taylor, bookkeeper, at Knox County Middle School.


Download the PDF file .

Posted on January 29, 2017